Who Can Apply


An ACROD Parking Permit may be issued to an applicant;

  • who is unable to walk and always requires the use of a wheelchair; or
  • whose ability to walk is severely restricted by a permanent disability or medical condition; or
  • whose ability to walk is severely restricted by a temporary disability or medical condition (for a minimum of six months).

Short term severe walking restrictions may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

The ACROD Parking Program deems a severe walking restriction to apply to a person who

  • walks less than 60 meters before stopping; and/or
  • has a very poor gait pattern; and/or
  • uses a complex walking aid; and/or
  • experiences a significant health impact from walking less than 100m.

Please note that applicants with sensory, cognitive, intellectual or psychiatric impairment alone do not meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are strictly based upon a person’s ability to walk.


An ACROD Parking Permits may be issued to an organisation that regularly transports people with severe walking restrictions.