Individuals: how to apply

The applicant and medical practitioner complete the Application Form and provide evidence of a severe walking restriction.

The applicant must provide evidence of a severe walking restriction.

Below are some questions and prompts you may wish to consider in preparing your application. The ACROD Parking Program may contact you or your medical practitioner to discuss these issues as part of the assessment of your application.

  • What is causing your severe walking restriction? (Consider medical diagnosis, tone, coordination, pain.)
  • Do you use an aid to walk, or any other adaptive equipment? (This could include the use of oxygen.)
  • Describe your gait pattern: speed; balance; tone; coordination.
  • How far can you walk before you need to stop? Why do you stop?
  • What is the impact on your health when you walk between 50m -100m? (Consider shortness of breath, angina, claudication, severe pain.)
  • If you have an intermittent severe walking restriction, how often does the restriction occur? (e.g. days per week / weeks per months / months per year)  How long does a period of severe walking restriction usually last?
  • Describe your walking ability during both bad and good periods.
  • What past treatments to improve your severe walking restriction have been trialled?
  • What is your current or future treatment plan for your severe walking restriction? (Consider weight loss plan if relevant.)
  • Is there an expectation that your walking restriction may improve in the future? (Consider future surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, trial of medications.)
  • Have all treatment options been exhausted?