Health Supports

Aids and Equipment

The Community Aids and Equipment Program (CAEP) is a Western Australian scheme for the provision of equipment and home modifications to benefit people with a long-term disability living at home in the community.

The Independent Living Centre assists people to choose and access equipment, technology and services for independence and wellbeing.

Telephone: 1300 885 886

Pain Management

Many ACROD permit holders experience chronic pain. Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts longer than the expected healing period, or occurs with no known cause. The following resources may be of assistance.

The Australian Pain Management Association Inc. (APMA)

APMA provides advocacy, information and practical support for people living with chronic pain and their families. They provide up to date information about pain and managing pain.

Pain Link Helpline: 1300 340 357

Chronic Pain Australia

A web based support offering information about pain and controlling pain.


painHEALTH assists health consumers with musculoskeletal pain access reliable and usable evidence based information and skills to assist in the co-management of their pain.

The Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation

The Arthritis and Osteoporosis Foundation provides information, workshops and phone support for people with a wide range of painful conditions.

Telephone: (08) 9388 2199

Toll Free (Country Callers): 1800 011 041

Falls Prevention

Stay On Your Feet provides free information to help people prevent falls. The information is for anyone who has had a fall, nearly fallen or feels their balance or walking is not as good as it used to be.

Telephone: 1300 30 35 40